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Slow down! With a book this long, there's no need to rush us along.

Colorado hotties

But irritating summed it up for me. Unfortunately, this book was far too long with too little in the way of satisfactory story-line or characters to justify it.

Colorado hotties

More than twenty Colorado women took part in ten. She says "Max - " a lot, but is often interrupted by the great man himself, at which hottiew she says, "Max - " again, and then several more times.

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Unfortunately, many scenes seemed not so much a development of the story-line as just another excuse to show us Nina being sassy, Nina being cute or outraged, Nina being an absolute brick in a crisis or Nina impressing those nice Colorado people with an English accent she affected in her cute, outraged, sassy way, of course not to have. Give us something to anticipate!

Colorado hotties

For a start, she rarely seems to finish a sentence. The plot actually had some potentially interesting ingredients - murder, attempted suicide, bar brawls and bitchy ex-girlfriends etc.

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Colorado hotties

It isn't so much the sexual side of things; that's fairly tame to be honest. Coloradans apparently aren't attractive enough to rouse voters in Maxim's Hometown Hotties contest.

If her stereo-typically dotty but doting mother is in the scene instead, just replace "Max -" for "Mom -", and you get the idea. It just seems like they've only just met and already he's gotten really intense and "alpha" over her, and she's trying to sort out her predictably tangled emotions.

The relationship between her and Max is also developed far too quickly and not especially subtly. I think she's supposed to come across as that ever-popular romantic heroine trait, "cute and sassy"; at least all the minor characters contrive Mature personals Conflans-Sainte-Honorine black horny men Denver convey this to us, as they all, at some point, have a scene in which we are shown hotties wonderful they think she is after knowing her for just a couple of days.

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